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We are always there to assist you from counselling to departure


Personalized recommendations on individual strengths are provided through an online test based on Personality, Aptitude, Motivation, and Interest. It empowers students & professionals to succeed in their life by making ‘Right Decisions’ on Subjects, Courses, Colleges, and Careers. They realize their true potential, identify their goals and hence make informed career decisions.

Selection of The university and the courses

We provide options in 600+ universities across 25+ countries. This is where our Country Counsellors play a key role. They evaluate your profile and provide their expert advice on Institutions and Courses abroad which streamlines your process of shortlisting the country and university. They guide you with options relevant to your career goals as well as your financial plan.

Test Preparation

Our flagship services include classroom-based training for GRE, GMAT as well as English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL (iBT) and PTE. Well-researched material, quality instruction, phenomenal book collection, a range of mock tests and an emphasis on excellence makes learning at The Paramount International Overseas Education Consultants a pleasurable experience.

Application Assistance

Your application to the University speaks volumes about you. Our counsellors give you complete guidelines for drafting SOP, LOR, Resume, Essays and for filling the application forms. You can make good use of the complete hand holding right from screening your application to posting it to the universities.

Admission Processing

They will get you into your dream school, because they've done it themselves and show you how to do it too. The team has an insightful understanding of the admissions process, a few of the specialists are/were members of the admissions committee and/or alumni interviewers of their alma mater.

Finance Assistance

To achieve this, proper guidance is required which can be provided only by professional firms like ours as we have been doing this for 5 years. Our education counsellor can help you to - receive financial aid in terms of scholarships/ research assistantship/ teaching assistantship/ bursaries depending on your academic strength.

Scholarship Assistance

The team of expert counselors at The Paramount International work progressively towards helping the students in gaining scholarships in mostly all the countries depending upon the grades and achievements of the candidates. In the past, we have successfully managed to get more than 50% scholarships for the students in countries like Australia, Canada, USA, and the UK.

Visa Assistance

Getting a student visa is quite challenging as a lot of documentation is involved in the process. Our team of Country Specific Career Advisors will guide and support you throughout the process, right from filling in the visa application forms to getting the documents ready and submitting them on time.

Pre Departure Assistance

Pre departure assistance is considered to be the most important step once the student visa is approved. The Paramount International organizes pre departure seminars and sessions to help parents and students to clear all doubts and fear so they can travel smoothly to their preferred destination and university.

Travel Assistance

You get a chance to meet our alumni from numerous universities worldwide who help you to have an overview of the lifestyle and culture in different countries and continents. You can also meet other students going abroad through us so that you can develop a sense of bonding if you're moving to the same place. All this is to ensure that you feel at home even in a foreign nation.