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Malaysia boasts of a vibrant economy, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture. It has partnerships with the leading institutes around the world. 

The local universities in Malaysia are tremendously improving, and the cost of higher education is lower than other international destinations.

 A multicultural environment is perfect for aspiring international students who can learn and grow in a place that is a cultural melting pot. 

Most of the universities offer twinning degree options that help students in leveraging their career.

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What does Malaysia offer to international students?

Malaysia's higher education system has international standards that are closely monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education

It is constantly supervised by Malaysian Qualifications Agency, a quality assurance body that oversees the accreditation of national higher education

There are a lot of institutions from countries like the UK and USA that have their campuses in Malaysia. This allows students to avail quality education at a much lower cost

The easy and hassle-free immigration procedures are beneficial for international students. Students can work up to 20 hours per week while studying in Malaysia that helps them in supporting themselves while studying