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Germany has been known to be the technological and economic powerhouse of Europe.

The proximity of these universities to industrial plants and various research centers provide an opportunity for students to find employment and stay in the same city.

German universities offer over 350 English-taught courses available in varying domains.

Germany Pic1
Dresden, Germany --- Dresden Hofkirche
Germany Flag

What does Germany offer to international students?

Tuition free education in the public universities of Germany is the number one reason for studying there

Germany offers excellent curricula and infrastructure. More and more degree programs are being offered in English in Germany

It has around 450 state accredited universities that offer 17, 600 degree programs

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a very famous scholarship organization offering countless scholarship programs to applicants

German degrees are known for quality and are immensely valued in the job market

The German Visa is valid for 27 Schengen countries including Austria, Denmark, France, Greece and others