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About The Paramount

Mercury Associates

The Paramount International is a brand of Mercury Associates. We are a digital marketing Consulting and Presence Management start up. The Paramount International focus is on Client Priorities with a strong track record team in B2B, B2C and Digital Marketing Domains.

Our vision is to provide undiluted social conversations for businesses in the social media and digital space. The company currently has core competencies in – Digital and  Social media – strategy & plan through implementation with domain expertise on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slideshare, and WordPress website development & maintenance. The focus is on generating branded and industry related conversations in digital media fuelled by organic growth.

Along with Digital Marketing Consulting, The Paramount International also operates two entities – under the banner names of Cambridge Learning Centre [catering to assisting students who aspire to study abroad] and Mercury Associates -BSK [training for digital marketing].